Galaxy Battleship Hack and Codes [Free Resources]

Galaxy Battleship Hack was created for making all purchases in the game absolutely for free. After you enter Galaxy Battleship Cheats in the game, you will do all purchases for free. How to use Galaxy Battleship Hack? It’s very simple – just enter the Cheat Code which you see below. Don’t worry, this Galaxy Battleship Hack works on all popular mobile system – Android, iOS and Windows Phone, even if your device without root and without jailbreak. Galaxy Battleship Hack doesn’t require to download or install anything. Just enjoy playing hacked Galaxy Battleship and leave a review below this post.

This is the Galaxy Battleship Cheat:

Generator Online or MOD APK Download:

APK Download:


Codes (txt.) Download:

The codes must be entered in the game – in the “Get Voucher from friend” tab. 

Codes can be used only once, if they will be expired, please write a comment.



The universe is yours to conquer. A war of strategies and civilization is imminent.

Galaxy Battleship, a sci-fi SLG mobile game that allows you to explore the universe and create a civilization beyond earth. Beginning as a planet commander, you must build your own base and keep expanding by developing buildings, technologies and military force for the sake of survival. It also requires you to organize a space fleet to defend against Space Pirates and other potential enemies. Or, you may choose to cooperate with players all over the world and strive for being the lord of the universe!

[Giant and Large Map]
From asteroid to the galaxy, there is always a greater challenge waiting!

[Infinitive Warfare]
Battles over strategic points never stop!

[HD Graphics]
Massive warships depicted with exquisite models!

[Strategic Development]
Develop or expand? It’s your call!

[Various Gameplay]
Obtain varied resources through different gameplays!

Galaxy Battleship is a global space combat strategy game with 3D graphics and fast-paced combats!
Beginning as a commander of Empire, Republic or Federation, you can explore the space and cooperate or compete with players all over the world. Strive to become the Commander-in-Chief and lead your faction to be the overlord of universe!

— Learn technologies and build your base.
— Defeat rebels and construct a powerful fleet.
— Occupy mines and collect resources to upgrade the buildings.
— Cooperate with your friends and compete with your enemies from the other two factions.
— Grinding or fighting? As you like.

  • Huge galaxy
  • 3 different fractions
  • Incredible technologies
  • Fight against other players

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