Infinite Pool Hack, Cheats, Codes [Coins], APK / IPA

Infinite Pool Get free resources (Coins) with our Generator Hack&Cheats. Game codes can be used multiple times until are removed. APK is automatically updated to the latest version – this is the same version as on GooglePlay.

Generator Online:

APK Download:


Codes (txt.) Download:

The codes must be entered in the game – in the “Get Voucher from friend” tab. 

Codes can be used only once, if they will be expired, please write a comment.


Come for the pool, stay for the cool hats!
Play and collect hats -> Sell hats at shop -> Upgrade hats


Take your pool skill on an adventure! Aim, shoot, and sink balls before you run out of shots. Help Cupi find and sell hats, and upgrade the shop to its fullest potential.

○ Intuitive one finger pull and release controls
○ Challenging missions
○ Exciting levels
○ Cute and weird balls to sink
○ Rare and epic hats to discover
○ Special hat abilities to unlock

How many hats will you find? How successful will you run your hat shop? How far will you go?
Get and play now!


To stay updated with all the latest from us, please follow us from links in the game.
Thank you for playing!

What’s New

Version 1.0.7 (Jun 18, 2018)

○ Much improved onboarding experience to better understand how Hat Shop works
○ “Play X games” mission removed due to bugs
○ Fixed currency pack purchases not disabling unwanted ads.
○ Improved physics so balls sink into pockets easier
○ Economy rebalance to address coins overabundance feedback
○ Localisation improvements across the board
○ More bug fixes

Have a great week ahead and enjoy the beautiful game!
-Kiseki Games team

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