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Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend TD Get free resources (Cash, Coins and Gems Premium) with our Generator Hack&Cheats. Game codes can be used multiple times until are removed. APK is automatically updated to the latest version – this is the same version as on GooglePlay.

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The codes must be entered in the game – in the “Get Voucher from friend” tab. 

Codes can be used only once, if they will be expired, please write a comment.


Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend TD – Premium – The epic tower defense game of 2018.
The perfect combination of strategy game and tower defense game.

Orcs are growing and preparing to attack your kingdom. To protect the Kingdom, you started to gather troops, upgrade to stronghold against hordes of evil monsters. Standing next to you is the heroes – those with special abilities will fight with you to protect your realm.

***Game Features***
– POWERFUL TOWER SYSTEMS: 5 basic tower,12 levels upgrades for each type with special abilities against each type of Monster.

– 3 MODES TO PLAY: Campaign, Daily Trail and Tournement. You will have to choose the appropriate strategy for each mode.

– LEGENDARY HEROES: each battle you can summon heroes such as Galahad, Ashi, Wukong, Nature Queen, Golem, … with special skills. You will be the direct operator and have up to 3 heroes that can fight at the same time.

– MAGIC SPELLS: Collecting magic items after each battle with special abilities such as meteor strike, frost gem, healing ward or boosting gold will make the battle easier for you to win.

Join Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend TD – Premium RIGHT NOW
Use your strategy to protect your kingdom. Write your epic story and Become a LEGEND!

Are you a fan of Tower Defense? You have played many TD games like Kingdom Rush … Download Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend TD – Premium, great game for you.

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