World Soccer King Hack and Cheats [Free Gems]

World Soccer King Hack was created for making all purchases in the game absolutely for free. After you enter World Soccer King Cheats in the game, you will do all purchases for free. How to use World Soccer King Hack? It’s very simple – just enter the Cheat Code which you see below. Don’t worry, this World Soccer King Hack works on all popular mobile system – Android, iOS and Windows Phone, even if your device without root and without jailbreak. World Soccer King Hack doesn’t require to download or install anything. Just enjoy playing hacked World Soccer King and leave a review below this post.

This is the World Soccer King Cheat:

Generator Online or MOD APK Download:

APK Download:


Codes (txt.) Download:

The codes must be entered in the game – in the “Get Voucher from friend” tab. 

Codes can be used only once, if they will be expired, please write a comment.


Tips and Tricks:

Come back often to claim your free capsule!

Every hour, you can claim a free capsule for yourself. Capsules are the name of the game here since they contain lots of goodies you’ll need to upgrade your team members.

Since the actual gameplay of World Soccer King isn’t too terribly complex, you’ll need to rely on the raw stats of your team to pull ahead.

Watch out for tired players!

As you play through a match, be sure to keep an eye on your players. After a while you’ll start to notice them sweat profusely. When you see this, this means that the player in question is fatigued and their stats are cut in half!


This is a huge detriment, so be on the look out and try not to over use the same player too much. If you have fatigued players on the field, try passing the ball to others.

Plan your attack!

Since the game essentially pauses every time a new player has the ball, you can use this time to plan your course of action. Don’t just mindlessly shoot towards your opponents goal, as you’ll probably give the ball up to them doing that. Instead, look for nearby players and pass accordingly, while keeping the fatigue mechanic in mind.

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